Monday, December 1, 2008

English Soiree!

English Soiree!

English Soiree or in other word is an English Night was held on 21st November 2008 at MSU and the theme is a 'fantacy'. All of the audience had been given 1 rose flower,a snack and a bottle of mineral water. The event started around 9p.m and it consist of 11 performance from the CFS(centre for Foundation Study) student and 1 magic show. Our class from FLW Sem 3,is in number fifth to be perform and our performance is a singing sketches the Genre is a 'romantic':-) hehe and I love our performance. Me and Leong had to act and the rest have to sing and that is the most romantic scene I ever done. In this performance, it is the first time in my life to dance in a slow dance with a guy. Thanks to Leong for helping me,I am really happy with our performance and start from that night I feel something new in mylife and I am not expecting anything from that person anymore. Thankgod:-)

Me and Leong after our p'formance...

Me n my roommate:-)

Me n Fadi

Me n ika

Me n Sha

Me n Fatin

Our dress up!


With our lecturer, Miss Farah Dilaila :-)