Wednesday, January 7, 2009



Intiball was held in july 2008,at Hotel Grand Continental at Bukit Bintang.Its a prompt night by Inti International University College,Nilai and all of my friends are there. It was a great event and I enjoy spend time with my friends especially international friends,a lot of performance that been performed during that event such as singing,trishaw performance,music insrtument,voting of prompt king and queen and the most important thing is open dance:-)
We been served with 10 types of Chinese cuisine and a Chinese tea.I love their soup,its a nestbird soup and also chicken roasted and some other stuff that i could not remember;p I also not miss the photography session and I had a chance to meet my former lecturer, I miss them a lot;(
This is a great moment with my friends and I wish I could get this moment again(",)

Its me, I'm on my way to Prompt Night(",)

Table for ten

my friends

me and effa

me and zana

me and kak dina

me and huza

me with Gayatri and her friend

me and asrul

me and yassin

me and jason

me and one of Intima member

me and Ebrahim

me and G

ridzuan me and his friend

me and hafiz

Monday, December 1, 2008

English Soiree!

English Soiree!

English Soiree or in other word is an English Night was held on 21st November 2008 at MSU and the theme is a 'fantacy'. All of the audience had been given 1 rose flower,a snack and a bottle of mineral water. The event started around 9p.m and it consist of 11 performance from the CFS(centre for Foundation Study) student and 1 magic show. Our class from FLW Sem 3,is in number fifth to be perform and our performance is a singing sketches the Genre is a 'romantic':-) hehe and I love our performance. Me and Leong had to act and the rest have to sing and that is the most romantic scene I ever done. In this performance, it is the first time in my life to dance in a slow dance with a guy. Thanks to Leong for helping me,I am really happy with our performance and start from that night I feel something new in mylife and I am not expecting anything from that person anymore. Thankgod:-)

Me and Leong after our p'formance...

Me n my roommate:-)

Me n Fadi

Me n ika

Me n Sha

Me n Fatin

Our dress up!


With our lecturer, Miss Farah Dilaila :-)

Sunday, November 30, 2008

My Roommate:-)

My roommate her name is Farah johar,I called her as Farah.We start our friendship on earlier 2008 and we become closed when we are in the same class.We always hang out together, where ever we go we stick with each other.I love spend time with her,a lot of things we had done together like laundry,went to shopping complex,watched T.v,and cooking. Cooking is the great moment that we spend together with another one of our closed roommate Kak Ayu:-)
We are like siblings,even we came from a difference state and i am happy to be one of their friends.

This picture during eid fitr celebration at MSU and we spend our time with children from an orphanage from Shah Alam.

This is me & my roommate,her name is Farah and we took d's photo when we had our outting at One Utama.Shopping!Shopping!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

This is me...

This is me...

Hai my name is nur fairuz,u can call me nur or what ever u like as long as its bring a good meaning.My birthday is on 12 september and I was born in Hospital Besar Kuala Lumpur at 3.15p.m hehe if that's what you wanna know.I am the youngest in my family,I have three siblings thats my brother,my sister and me.Now my brother has became a great Doctor and my sister is a nurse,I'm proud to be one of their siblings and happy for them for having a good profession as their job.

My mom and dad is the best parents and I'm happy to be theirs daughter infact I am the only one who been pampered for about 21 years hehe thats lucky to be the youngest.My mom working in a bank as a Manager Bank and my dad working under Women's Minister as a Administrative Assistant.I love spend time with my family everytime when I go back during my semester break so that I can share a lot of story and do a lot of things together.The most favourite things that we love to share is cooking,watch T.V and Travel.We had travel to Bali and Phuket before
and it was a great vacation that we spend together.I wish we could travel in some other countries soon and I'm just waiting for that moment...:-)

Mmmm...about me?I love reading a book,travel,play bowling,listening to new music and spend time with family.My interest is acting hehe I wish I could and I really love chocolate.I think thats all... and the most important thing is I wish I could achieve my dreams and my ambition one day... (",)