Sunday, November 30, 2008

My Roommate:-)

My roommate her name is Farah johar,I called her as Farah.We start our friendship on earlier 2008 and we become closed when we are in the same class.We always hang out together, where ever we go we stick with each other.I love spend time with her,a lot of things we had done together like laundry,went to shopping complex,watched T.v,and cooking. Cooking is the great moment that we spend together with another one of our closed roommate Kak Ayu:-)
We are like siblings,even we came from a difference state and i am happy to be one of their friends.

This picture during eid fitr celebration at MSU and we spend our time with children from an orphanage from Shah Alam.

This is me & my roommate,her name is Farah and we took d's photo when we had our outting at One Utama.Shopping!Shopping!

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