Wednesday, January 7, 2009



Intiball was held in july 2008,at Hotel Grand Continental at Bukit Bintang.Its a prompt night by Inti International University College,Nilai and all of my friends are there. It was a great event and I enjoy spend time with my friends especially international friends,a lot of performance that been performed during that event such as singing,trishaw performance,music insrtument,voting of prompt king and queen and the most important thing is open dance:-)
We been served with 10 types of Chinese cuisine and a Chinese tea.I love their soup,its a nestbird soup and also chicken roasted and some other stuff that i could not remember;p I also not miss the photography session and I had a chance to meet my former lecturer, I miss them a lot;(
This is a great moment with my friends and I wish I could get this moment again(",)

Its me, I'm on my way to Prompt Night(",)

Table for ten

my friends

me and effa

me and zana

me and kak dina

me and huza

me with Gayatri and her friend

me and asrul

me and yassin

me and jason

me and one of Intima member

me and Ebrahim

me and G

ridzuan me and his friend

me and hafiz


cik siti penguin said...

nice dress!

eliza said...

hai..manis.. :)

vidadarisakura said...

tanx 4 melawating me..

Babyjane[The Juliet] said...


ab geldofg said...

ramai kwn2 aku jadi pgikut ko ye...aku nak ikut juga lah

Siong Berantai said...

jujur nie... seeloknya guna camera DSLR .. then ..

u guna make up jenis minyak ke??

chimera said...

huih... glamernya baju dia....